Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention and Graduation Rates help the College understand how well our students are able to be persistent to completion in their educational goals. The College evaluates these measurements to help identify and remove barriers to student success and to help forecast annual enrollment levels and set new student recruiting targets.

  • Retention Rates indicate the percentage of enrolled students that persist in continuous enrollment at this university from one year to the next.
  • Graduation Rates indicate the percentage of enrolled students that graduate from this university after specified numbers of years from their initial enrollment at this university.


Returning for sophomore year


Student-faculty ratio


Graduating in 4 years

Career Outcomes

Here we present the most recent information about Providence alumni and their careers and graduate school transitions following graduation. This information was collected during a June 2016 survey of Providence alumni.

Key observations are as follows:

Examples of Providence graduate careers include:

Sales Manager for Vivint
Manager at Chess4Life
Account Manager for It Works Global
Computer Programmer
Entertainment Law
UPS Package Receiver
Teacher at Pasadena Christian School
Orange County Director for Parker-Anderson Enrichment
Nursing Program Data Technician
Customer Service Representative at Caliber Collision
Community Director for low income housing project
Sports Reporter for MLive.com
Research Technician and Lab Manager

The Providence Mission

The “outcomes” of Providence Christian College are graduates firmly grounded in biblical truth, thoroughly educated in the liberal arts and fully engaged in their church, their community and the world for the glory of God and for service to humanity. We accomplish this goal through Faith-Guided Learning™ and our graduates embody this mission.

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Providence Core Values

What We Care About

Biblical Perspective

Remain deeply rooted in Reformed Protestant Christianity

Academic Development

Maintain the highest standards of academic excellence

Intentionally Undergraduate

Meet the distinct needs of traditional, full-time, undergraduate students

Liberal Arts Focused

Equip students to be capable thinkers and communicators


Community Connected

Leverage the resources of our unique urban context

Purposely Residential

Foster holistic and organic conversation though residential community life

The Providence Promise

Core Abilities of Our Graduates


Independent Life-long Learner


Adept Communication Skills

Thinking, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Digital-based Research and Communication


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


Team Player & Leader

Works well in diverse groups


Articulation of Faith and Vision of Vocation


Virtuous Habits of the Heart

Wisdom, Character, Christian Imagination, Being and Doing


Global Citizen


Effective Citizen

Learning Outcomes

Faith Guided Learning™ and Our Commitment Directive

At Providence, we are committed to providing our students with a holistic education. And this commitment plays out in every subject and in every classroom.

A college education should strive to apprehend all of life. By understanding foundational questions of our existence, we have great confidence that we can serve God and humanity in the most effective way by making the ultimate questions the first ones we ask.

The Providence core curriculum reflects the interconnectedness of knowing God with knowing self and the world. Classes are specifically developed so that students come to know God (Biblical and Theological Studies), self and others (History and Humanities), and the world (Arts and Sciences) better.

The interdisciplinary nature of offering one liberal studies major with multiple concentrations reflects the institution’s commitment that every part of reality is God’s revelation of himself. In Christ, all of creation is held together, maintained, given meaning, and ultimately redeemed.

Our required Avodah program offers students many experiential opportunities for academic credit in the city of Los Angeles and insists on not separating or compartmentalizing work from worship or work from faith.

Our students continue to learn from every aspect of college life. We believe that faith is the motive that drives intellectual pursuits and the formation of the heart depends on the everyday habits of living in a Christian college community, including classroom teaching, chapel, cafeteria and dorm conversations, athletics, and off-campus college activities.

This blending of faith with classroom and experiential learning ultimately reflects our holistic education and the unique commitment we boldly call Faith Guided Learning™.

Christian Liberal Arts Degree

At Providence, we focus on a single liberal arts degree on purpose to broaden the minds of our students and then supplement that core with the choice of two additional concentrations geared toward specific career goals.

Career Concentrations

The versatility of a liberal arts foundation paired with specific career concentrations produces graduates who are prepared for a variety of vocations, ministries, and whatever opportunities the future may bring.

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom